Written by Donny Ariyanto

It’s been six months after we posted 2014 Suzuki GW250 Inazuma and now we’re back!!! We showed all of you for the 4th bike for our customer. When we were approached our client who wanted to customize their bike for their event, they choose 2015 Kawasaki Estrella 250 as a donor bike and needed this bike as their Iconic Bike.  Just wanted something more than the standard offering from Triumph. The biggest idea was to build something simple and with a strong look at the same time, and now here it is, Burisrawa, built from one of 250 cc bike line from Kawasaki, Estrella 250.

The first thing we designed an original Estrella look to be a bobber style. We reviewed the look of modern bobber, with their high seats and compact lines. After we got an approval work started to trim the Estrella into something cleaner. The first step we need to released the subframe and original body set. Crafted a piece of 1.2 mm-thick galvanized plate sheet that integrated with the frame to perfection. For wheel sectors absolutely we choose TK Japan spoke wheels 19X2.50 inch and 16X3.50 inch with Firestone Deluxe Champion tires 4.00-19 and 5.00-16 for front and back. An original handlebar was removed and changed to a tiny custom handlebar to make it fit with a new style. Look at the paint on the body! beautiful painted by Komet Studio with a solid red color based and he put a SURYANATION title at the tank as a brand name of our customer. Completed our last project, custom exhaust system was selected to drag up the modern classic theme with a strong sound.

Maybe we are not sure about you, but we’ve been scratching our heads trying to think of a more impressive recent metamorphosis for this bike. So with our pride we can said, welcome our new build, call it BURISRAWA!.

Specification :

  • Body Custom by STUDIO MOTOR
  • Painting by Komet Studio
  • Pinstripe by 69 Nerakatau
  • TK Japan Rims 19X2.50 & 16X3.50 Inch (Front & Rear)
  • Firestone Deluxe Champion 4.00-19 & 5.00-16 (Front & Rear)
  • Triangle Headlight
  • Custom Handlebar by STUDIO MOTOR
  • Custom Exhaust by STUDIO MOTOR




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