Written by Donny Ariyanto & Anjasmara

Sometimes inspiration come from anywhere, including from cultural diversity of Indonesia. It was agreed by Kleist Singarimbun when he built a bike from one unit Harley Davidson Sportster XL883 engine made in 2006. “The Batak Karo tribe, has a genuine fabric called Uis Adat Karo Beka Buluh Bro. The gold pattern in the fabric is very nice when we applied during the painting and airbrush later…” said the single men who work as an artist when expressing what became his desire. Armed with some concepts and ideas which performed when talking in a STUDIO MOTOR workshop, so began the process of working the motorbike that really worked from zero.

Form of the framework was made refers to the concept that has been agreed, hardtail models with 30-degree rake angle chosen to still consider the comfort while Bro Kleist bring the motorbike to riding on the street. Meanwhile at the front, telescopic front shock made by HD Sportster is applied to give a maximum damping. One interesting moment is when choosing the rim, Enkei 7 Spoke rims 19X2.50 & 16X3.00 inch made in one Japanese manufacturing output is precisely chosen by Bro Kleist to be installed with a round rubber chime Avon Cobra 120 / 70-19 front and 150 / 80-16 for the rear. “I think that’s really great to use a classical Japan rim, that’s exactly the art of custom, we can express anything what we want…” said Bro Kleist when looking at the rim attached. After all the frame and legs plugged, then we’re going to the body. Used 1.2 mm galvanized plate material that formed like a peanut tank style, the oil tank and rear fender was made to adjust the dimension the framework to give a harmonious final result. Alright, the body is done. Now is the Komet Studio to take a part, black shades with a combination of smooth stripping combined with the gold color of a line taken from the partial motif Uis Adat Karo Beka Buluh. The paints and varnishes material are trusted from Sikkens which could give maximum results in process of working painting and airbrush. “It’s not useless I have been waited for the result after more than a month of the painting process…” said the man who lived in Depok-West Java. The final of this series of custom project is installing the device that are fit with the whole appearance of the motorbike. A fatbar handlebars from Khrome Werks, Biker’s Choice forward control and  also the front and rear lights aftermarket and a custom exhaust 2 in 2 free flow gives its own accents in the final process of this bike that we called DeKaro.

Honestly, when finishing this project, there is an own satisfaction that we feel. Old school chopper look, and hardtail frame characteristic blends nicely with some modern devices installed in Bro Kleist ride. Even so with what is felt by the owner, “the final look is luxurious, simple impression that not lost but really looks elegant, imagine to add a little one or two supporting devices to further thicken the aura of luxury that exist…” said Bro Kleist when he saw the final result that he really enjoying the process of making his motorbike. There’s also a picture a sense of a pride that our country is indeed have hundreds or even thousands of cultural wealth of each tribe there and very appropriate to poured and exploitation in a custom work. That’s why we called it DeKARO!

Specification :

  • Body Custom by STUDIO MOTOR
  • Frame Custom Hardtail by STUDIO MOTOR
  • Painting & Airbrush by KOMET Studio
  • Enkei Japan Rim 7 Spoke 19X2.50 (front) & 16X3.00 Inch (rear)
  • Avon Cobra Tire 120/70-19 (front) & 150/80-16 (rear)
  • Aftermarket Headlight
  • Tailight by JUTE
  • Handlebar by Khrome Werks
  • Forward Control by Bikers Choice
  • Exhaust Custom by Asky Muffler




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