Written by Donny Ariyanto & Felicia Yulianti

Owning a unit of Forty Eight XL1200X Sportster Harley Davidson from 2012 didn’t give enough satisfaction for Akhiz Nasution. This Brother who is a busy beaver and live in Serpong, was wishful to modify the shape of his Forty Eight XL1200X Sportster Harley Davidson. After checking out from STUDIO MOTOR Workshop, Bro Akhiz his two-wheel vehicle to be repaired into Chopper OldSkool as his dream. “I gotta plan to use only the machine, Bro. The rest, please count it from zero.” That was what he said while having discussion to create the concept of Bro Akhiz masterpiece. His word is law. As soon as we finished the discussion of the concept, as well as the supporting components which will be chipped in, we empty the tank in processing steps of this Harley Davidson variant, that has its own high sales purchase in Indonesia.

Drawing the machine back from default chassis became the first step in occuping to be set with custom chassis a la hardtail which was made in speciality for Bro Akhiz custom bike project. For chassis, it was made of 1 inch seamless pipe material with 30 degree comsteer rake corner. Meanwhile for the body, it was shaped as exact as Bro Akhiz’s concept with 1.2 mm garnavil plat material. spoke fat velg by DNA 21X3.50 Inch and 18X4.25 Inch were combined with Avon Cobra 120/70-21 and 180/55-18 tyres for front part and aft donated more classical trace which are pleased Bro Akhiz’s will. We continued to finish body process, it is Komet Studio’s turn to take part in this project. The spread of black and chocolate gradation screcthes sunrise motive, which is known as the representative symbol of cherry blossom country, Japan. “The matching combination, Bro. Painting motive like Japanese Bobber…” revealed the man who is working at one of National private banks in Indonesia. Next, we came to finish the handlebar part, using ape hanger 14 inch model U-Bar, meanwhile hand control Custom Chrome be placed in to change the original bike hand control. Jude front lamp was fixed, suiting with the using of springer in front end system. The crucial thing from the custom project owned by bro Akhiz was the adding of air filter from V-Twin, exhaust system from Fuck The Work and custom sissy bar at the back part.


It is the end of the whole steps of this bike project, which is known as THE ABANDON. The bee’s knees style bike gives its own color from the customization of Forty Eight Sportster Harley Davidson. No one has had this style ever before. “It is minimalist yet more emphasize of masculin side from this custom shape like this. It looks strong, tough but still remains elegant…” that is what Bro Akhiz remarked while observing the final outcome from his current riding machine. The firm Traditional Chopper with a little touch of modern style is prominent to show up what he highly desires during the long time. Chopper it’s not a style, it’s a passion.

Specification :

  • Body Custom by STUDIO MOTOR
  • Frame Custom Hardtail by STUDIO MOTOR
  • Painting & Airbrush by Komet Studio
  • Front End Springer DNA
  • DNA Fat Spoke Rim 21X3.50 Inch + Avon Tire 120/70-21 (front)
  • DNA Fat Spoke Rim 18X4.25 Inch + Avon Tire 180/55-18 (rear)
  • 14 Inch Ape Hanger Handlebar
  • Air Cleaner by V-Twin
  • Hand Control by Custom Chrome
  • Headlight  JUTE
  • Taillight by FTW (Fuck The Work)
  • Custom Leather Seat
  • End Mirror by  EMGO
  • Exhaust System by Cycle Shark




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