Written by Donny Ariyanto

For most of us, our first bike build is a learning experience. It’s as much a lesson in what not to do as it is discovering the aspects of a build we already have a knack for. But if there is an area most of us fall down on with our first attempt at a custom creation, it’s maintaining continuity throughout the build, particularly in the visual aspects. Like for our customer, his day job as a businessman need a fast transportation mode but still stylish if he meet his clients for a meeting.

 So what bike would make sense for a first build? Maybe something that’s mechanically simple and yet fun to ride? Something with vintage styling but still capable of carving up the coast roads of Central Bali? Sure, the humble 2012 Suzuki GW250 Inazuma was released as a cruiser motorcycle, but it has always made much more sense as a Scrambler Motorcycle. And here’s the proof.

Starting with the frame, we removed an original sub frame and make way for flat and line with a box shape handmade custom gas version we designed and built, scaled with a double seat in mind. Up front we still used an original 41 mm telescopic front end. To really improve handling and the outdated original wheels have been replaced with TK Japan Wheels 18X3.50 and 18X3.50 Inch and wrapped in Shinko E805 120/80-18 & 150/70-18 for front and rear. Here comes the bodywork, a gas tank, side cover and hornet tail made from 1.2 mm galvanized material. After the bodywork was done, our new partner Kym Art Paint made his move! We choose a mate grey from Dupont and put the lettering art with Bandit name at the side tank. Completing the last project, fatbar handlebar was selected to provide ‘the sensation of riding’. The 5,5 inch Daymaker headlight was attached at the front. Custom 2 in 1 exhaust system from SM Design was selected to drag up the modern classic theme with a strong sound.

With that perfect Bali island weather, it would be criminal for more custom enthusiast locals not to join him and make everyday a day of the motorcycle. Please welcome THE BANDIT, built from 2012 Suzuki GW250 Inazuma.


Specification :

  • Body Custom by STUDIO MOTOR
  • Painting & Airbrush by Kym Art Paint
  • TK Japan Rims 18X3.00 & 18X3.50 Inch (Front & Rear)
  • Shinko E805 120/80-18 & 150/70-18 (Front & Rear)
  • Daymaker Headlight
  • Aftermarket Taillight
  • Fatbar Handlebar
  • 2 in 1 Custom Exhaust by SM Design



1 thought on “THE BANDIT – SUZUKI GW250 INAZUMA ’12

  1. speedometer diganti? padahal banyak builder lain yang memodifikasi inazuma tidak berani mengganti speedometer dengan alasan otak inazuma ada di situ

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