THE BENS - 2-01

Written by Donny Ariyanto

When we were approached our customer to build a tall, middleweight motorcycles with borrows design elements from dual purpose bike, adventure-tourers and sportbikes with a 650cc engine that could handle all the different roads Jakarta has to offer, we knew the 2012 Kawasaki Versys 650 would be the perfect donor. The stock bike is a very popular model given the countries rugged terrain. We found a lot of inspiration from the many custom scrambler builds coming outside. With our proud, this is what happened with today’s feature bike, the latest offering from us, call it ‘THE BEN’s that we built from 2012 Kawasaki Versys 650.

THE BENS - 5-01

Before we started to build this Versys 650, with our partner from Klinik Kustom we designed the bike with customer’s input. The concept was not difficult to draw and our ideas and his were the same, bike must look dashing, aggressive and without any kind of plastic. So the first thing that was stripped off the bike was a lot of plastic. The layout for the bike was adjusted accordingly, Building on previous experience, we only need to re-changed the model from original frame. The front end and swing arm plus back suspension still using an original including the rims. Only changed tires using Avon Distanzia 120/70-17 for front and 160/60-17 for the back. The original body was swapped with a handmade unit crafted from 1.2mm galvanized plate, along fitted in original Versys main frame. The custom headlight and taillight on “The Ben’s” are joined by fatbar handlebar, custom exhaust system and topped off with a metallic grey base combined with classic white by Komet Studio, highlighted with black stripped, using Sikkens product. Finally, with the build finished, there is only one thing left to do, and it is best summed up by our self. Nothing the best, it’s just a simply stunning from us, but really, It’s satisfied!!

THE BENS - 6-01

THE BENS - 7-01

THE BENS - 4-01

THE BENS - 9-01

THE BENS - 8-01

THE BENS - 1-01

Specification :

  • Body Custom by STUDIO MOTOR
  • Painting & Airbrush by KOMET Studio
  • Fatbar Handlebar
  • Aftermarket Headight & Taillight
  • Avin Distanzia 120/70-17 & 160/60-17 (Front and Rear)
  • Custom Exhaust System by STUDIO MOTOR



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