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Written by Donny Ariyanto & Gilang Marhadian

If you think there may be a change in the motorbike is only part of the body only, or visible only done minor reworked of a previously intact motor units, then certainly it was wrong. Bro Andika bike actually constructed of units armed with 2006 Harley Davidson Sportster XL1200 engine which was imported from the land of Uncle Sam. “But the basic-concept is a comfortably-bobber design, refers to the overall change in custom bobber stock to reveal his character …”, so said Bro Andika about his desire. Little contradictory indeed for some custom connoisseurs, it is usually a different form when his desire to build his dream bike from nothing, but for Bro Andika custom stock concept actually be given the option to keep the personal touch with his choice.

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Step to step of the work has commenced, the original chassis Sportster slight changes to be made to adapt the concept that has been agreed. Original Rear Strut fender was redesigned in order to adjust the shape of the rear fender later. For the area of the foot, front end les was selected XL1200X belongs HD Sportster Forty Eight with a triangle or triple tree made exclusively uses aluminum billet with rely on CNC machine. While, the rear swing arm and shock mounted to a more original Sportster concept stock style custom modifications. Front and rear wheel rim mounted from the Harley Davidson Ultra Classic who has dimensions 16X3.00 inch combined with Avon Safety Mileage MK2 tires for front and rear side 5.00-16. For the body itself is made as simple as possible with the formation of a fuel container vessel peanut-style, single-seat and minimalist rear fender. Come, let’s go to the finishing stage of fusion black with combination of black matte, section grim side of the tank is intend to give the dominance of dark color impression. Slightly sweetened with silver striping and Skull logo on the side of the tank. The last process is attaching some supporting devices that are functional and decorating this riding-machine. Handlebar by Khrome Werkz, Avon hand grip, 5 inch headlights from JUTE and custom blend freeflow exhaust with quite jarring sound to maximize the HD Sportster XL1200 final form, called THE BLACK BOB.

ANDIKA - 5_1

Now, we need to test the handling, to prove that THE BLACK BOB was looked pretty fierce with the characteristics of comfortable bike. Simple form that finally makes some people who saw give a positive response. Shown style custom stock doesn’t make this bike as usual as the other motorcycle that most people who just love to applying simple devices and proud of imported brand goods. Welcome THE BLACK BOB!

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Specification :

  • Body Custom by STUDIO MOTOR
  • Frame Stock Custom
  • Painting & Airbrush by KOMET Studio
  • 39 mm Telescopic Front End
  • Billet Triple Tree Custom by STUDIO MOTOR
  • 16X.300 Inch Rim ex. Harley Davidson Ultra Classic
  • Avon Safety Mileage MK2 5.00-16 (front & rear)
  • Khrome Werkz Handlebar
  • Custom Billet Forward Control
  • JUTE Headlight
  • Exhaust Custom 2 in 2 by STUDIO MOTOR




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