THE BULLY - 15_1

Written by Donny Ariyanto & Galih Priambodo

For some people, build a motorbike with their own concept and heart desires is an option, as like as choosing and loving work that we do. In this case, Akbary Septianto can be said to be a part of people that really enjoying the each stage the process of making a motorbike according to the real his identity. “If just come to the dealer and buy a new one, I can do it my self. But here, I want more to riding a motorbike that representing about my self.” said the man who has the brand’s fashion clothing. Even, when come to the STUDIO MOTOR workshop, the man who has one child has already a concept that he want. A concept that really has a strong old school and still put forward the comfort becomes an absolute choice for Bro Ary. To make the dreams come true, a machine 2008 Harley Davidson Sportster XL1200 selected by Bro Ary considering ease of maintenance and availability of spare parts which fairly easy to get. After done with discussion about the concept and another things, so began the construction of the motorbike that called THE BULLY.


Can’t say no, with the only one engine unit, the first step will be pushed to make a frame with a softail design. Comfort is a main factor in this concept. From a suspension, we are using 41mm telescopic ex-Harley Davidson Heritage Softail was installed with DNA Fat Spoke 18X3.25 Inch wheels combined with Firestone Deluxe Champion 4.00-18 tire. At the rear, swing arm and suspension using Softail’s set, plus DNA Fat Spoke 18X4.25 Inch wheels and 4.50-18 Firestone Deluxe Champion tire. After we finished at chassis and suspension work, now we had to go to the body works. Gas tank, rear fender, and oil tank were used 1.2mm galvanile plate and shaped was following the concept from Ary. Next, painting works was handled by Komet Studio with silver-based color and rusty motive was chosen to force the unique art to the painting-job. As usual, We are using Sikkens to do the base coat and finishing coat jobs. The last part making The Bully, We had to ‘knock together’ the other devices by Aftermarket. Handlebar by Khrome Werkz, Air Filter by V-Twin, front light by Jute and various decoration were attached by Bro Ary, for his first-time experienced project. 2 in 2 exhaust-handmade is chosen to make a ‘manly’ sound.

After we’re done with finishing job, We were able give satisfaction for Bro Ary, enjoying every steps and documenting the things that will not be obtained by anyone which can only come to the motorcycle dealer and selecting the desired motorbike. “Once finished such as like orgasm Bro, with previously enjoyed every process which undertaken. Much less it looks to be a distinctive characteristic for me … “, said Bro Ary when seeing the final results of the bike. To be sure when invited to test ride, THE BULLY naughty look much get a positive response from everyone who saw it, the most important thing remained the comfort is obtained when riding with this bike. Like we said, It’s about choice Mate!

THE BULLY - 13_1



THE BULLY - 14_1


THE BULLY - 10_1


Specification :

  • Frame Custom by STUDIO MOTOR
  • Body Custom by STUDIO MOTOR
  • Painting & Airbrush by KOMET Studio
  • DNA Fat Spoke Rim 18X3.25 (front) & 18X4.25 Inch (rear)
  • Firestone Deluxe Champion Tire 4.00-18 (front) & 4.50-18 (rear)
  • Telescopic 41 mm ex. HD Heritage Softail Front End
  • Khrome Werkz Handlebar
  • V-Twin Air Cleaner
  • Headlight JUTE
  • Seat & Leather Bag by Buretoz
  • Exhaust Custom 2 in 2 by STUDIO MOTOR




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