THE CLYRO - 1-01

Written by Donny Ariyanto

If someone asked me to recommend a bike that would make a great cafe racer, a Yamaha XV or Virago wouldn’t be high on the list. Actually, it probably wouldn’t even be on the list at all. But we are trying to change that. Used a 1997 Yamaha XV535 that was manufactured by Yamaha Motor Corporation and was positioned as mid-size metric cruiser with an engine displacement of 535 cc (32.6 cu in) as a donor bike. Based on our experienced this is the second Yamaha Virago Cafe Racer from us and it’s every bit as impressive as the last. Our first Yamaha XV used with same engine, 535 cc, but this time round we’re pulled out the big idea with a XV535. So, this is what happened with today’s feature bike, the first bike in 2016, the latest offering from us, call it THE CLYRO that we built from 1997 Yamaha XV535.

THE CLYRO - 10-01

To transform the XV535 cruiser into a cafe racer styled machine we began by dramatically modifying the bikes rear end. The stock swing arm was modified to accept taller Showa monoshocks and a custom sub frame raises the rider to sit level with the fuel tank. Clip-on bars and custom rear sets re-position the rider for a more aggressive riding position and upside down front end shock manage the change in rider weight placement. A set TK Japan rims 18X3.00 & custom 16X4.00 inch replaced the stock Yamaha rims and wrapped with 4.00-18 and 5.00-16 Firestone Deluxe Champion tires. The fuel tank is also a custom made item along with the low profile hand stitched leather seat at the rear. LED rear light units have been integrated into the tail loop while up front things are kept clean with bar end indicators and a 5 inch DRL headlight. The OEM panel controls mounted to the clip ons include a “tiny” tachometer, Brembo master cylinder and adjustable clutch and brake levers. Finally to add a bit of extra performance bite and plenty of audible bark we created a custom set of headers feeding a beautifully simple muffler

THE CLYRO - 2-01

Dressed in a retro inspired Yamaha mate grey with classic Yamaha line blocks this is yet another dramatic transformation of the XV535 and has me wondering how Yamaha wants it’s customers to look at the XV range? Is it a street cruiser or a potential cafe racer? What do you think?

THE CLYRO - 13-01

THE CLYRO - 11-01-1

THE CLYRO - 6-01

THE CLYRO - 5-01

THE CLYRO - 8-01

THE CLYRO - 15-01

Specification :

  • Body Custom by STUDIO MOTOR
  • Painting & Airbrush by Tommy Airbrush
  • Yamaha R6 Upside Down Front End
  • TK Japan 18X3.00 Inch + Firestone Deluxe Champion 4.00-18 for front
  • Custom Rim 16X4.00 Inch + Firestone Deluxe Champion 5.00-16 for rear
  • Showa Rear Monoshock
  • DRL Headlight
  • Aftermarket Stoplight
  • 2 in 2 Custom Exhaust by STUDIO MOTOR

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