THE DRILL 2 - 2-01

Written by Donny Ariyanto & Galih Priambodo

Satisfaction without limits. It was felt with Bro Panji Aryo when he stepped at STUDIO MOTOR Workshop for the second time and need to change the appearance of his bike. “Peanut gas tank model is cool enough bro, and I think I need to make my bike look ‘Dazzling’” He said. So? Let’s try this one out to your bike.

THE DRILL 2 - 9-01

First step, Yup…removed all the body parts and  make it a new one with a new design. The old roundly-tank was switched by peanut style gas tank, rear fender was changed as well, with a bigger size to make a gallant look. After we finished the body, now, it’s time to make it perfect, paint work. A silver color with shine-to-dark gradation combined with a skull logo using airbrush technique were chosen by the owner to tear off the old looks. Sikkens for basic color and varnish. Z-Bar handlebar from RSD was selected to exchange U model ape hanger 14” handlebar. The freshened appearance was more modern, without shaking off a classic lines from the bike. The seat use spring seat design covered in leather from Buretoz Leather.

THE DRILL 2 - 11-01

Well done!! New look for this bike made an appearance more mischievously. “Sweet! refresh! And of course, a vicious bike for me…” when Bro Panji saw his rebellious bike after make over. An important thing as we mentioned before, satisfaction without limits, it’s infinity.

THE DRILL 2 - 8-01

THE DRILL 2 - 10-01

THE DRILL 2 - 7-01

THE DRILL 2 - 3-01-1

THE DRILL 2 - 5-01

Specification :

  • Body Custom by STUDIO MOTOR
  • Painting & Airbrush by KOMET Studio
  • RSD Z – Handlebar
  • RSD Air Filter
  • Sampsons 2 in 2 Exhaust System




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