Written by Donny Ariyanto & Gilang Marhadian

At the first discussion, to make a motorcycle with Harley’s engine already planned by Panji Aryo Prabowo, start from 0%. Using HD Sportster XL1200 Engine, Panji choose Harley Davidson SOftail 1340 Evo for his first project. “Some of my friend give me recommendation to use Softail Evo as a base material. And some advice from us, considering about the budget we need to use HD Softail Evo as a basic material…” Panji said. Finding HD Softail isn’t that hard, accidentally we’d got Softail ’97 at the good state. The blueprint was made, Pro Street concept was choose and combined with OldSkool Bobber design.

Body work is our first priority, start from removing its full body, except chassis, stock-engine, and outer rim, but still we’d work with fusing black wheel and black tire by Firestone Deluxe Champion 5.00-16 were chosen for the both side. The second bodywork is making front fender, gas-tank, seat, and rear fender using 1.2mm Galvanile plate as the owner wish. “Don’t forget to add a rear seat for my wife later…” Bro Panji wished. Using OldSkool theme, with brown and gold plus pen stripping ‘Batik’ combination plus airbrush theme will be painted on this motorcycle. To complete this process, supporting parts were selected by the gentleman who work at oil company. 16” Ape Hanger handbar, forward control billet specialities plus its hand control, air filter by RSD and 2 in 2 exhaust by Sampsons made this bike looked manly.

Almost 3 months, all the parts were completed. Right at Kustomfest 2014, The Drill made his moved to traveling from Jakarta to Yogyakarta. The Appearance looked a little naughty with bobber style got some positive response from the people. The most important of all, The Drill with Harley Davidson Softail 1340 Evo basic is a reflection from Panji’s soul. Start doing things that you love Bro!

Specification :

  • Body Custom by STUDIO MOTOR
  • Painting & Airbrush by KOMET Studio
  • Firestone Deluxe Champion Tire 5.00-16 (front & rear)
  • 16 Inch Ape Hanger Handlebar by Khrome Werkz
  • Headlight by JUTE
  • Billet Specialties Forward Control
  • Billet Specialties Hand Control
  • OEM Harley Davidson Side Bag
  • RSD Air Cleaner
  • Exhaust 2 in 2 by SAMPSONS




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