Written by Aries

The custom bike scene, like pretty much everything else in life, has trends. A while ago, every bikes that we received from customers just need to changed Cafe Racer and Firestone. Now these trends come and go. Like now, chopper motorcycle are very dominant in every event, especially when our President, Jokowi, bought a chopper motorcycle from one of garage in Jakarta. Suddenly, Indonesian Kustom Scene was infected with the chopper virus…:lol. But there’s one thing that we’re pretty damn sure of. It will never be the turn of the Scrambler style at the lime light. Like one of our customer, when he bring his 2004 Yamaha Scorpio 225, he just gave us a brief that need to changed with Scrambler style and mixed with a Flattracker style. The end of result is the custom bike to transport you down to the beautiful beach at Bali. So…this is our latest built and we call it THE HEAT.

The suspension sector is the first step we did, we changed the original front fork with 41mm telescopic from Yamaha Byson. TK Japan 18X2.50 inch wheel combined with Shinko SR428 130/80-18 tire, were choose to complete the front. At the rear, we still used an original mono shock suspension and TK Japan 18X3.00 inch rim was selected to be mated with Shinko SR428 130/90-18 tire. “Well, from the beginning I was prefer to use that kind of wheels, to emphasize the ‘scrambler’ looks…”. Here comes the bodywork, a rounded-gas tank with a minimalist style made from 1.2 mm galvanized material plate to be the main body, rear hornet, and battery box. After the bodywork was done, we made our move! We choose dark blue from Blinken and decorated with a simple silver line. Completing the last project, Rizoma handlebar was selected to provide ‘the enjoyment of riding’. The Lights was attached to the main shape. ‘Masterpiece-custom’ exhaust from SM Design was selected to drag up the classic theme with a strong sound.

We love the finished bike. Combination of the color choices and simplicity look of the bike that does it included the selection of the appropriate parts. Half his luck.

Specification :

  • Body Custom by STUDIO MOTOR (BALI)
  • Painting & Airbrush by STUDIO MOTOR (BALI)
  • 41 mm Telescopic Suspension for Front
  • TK Japan Rims 18X2.50 & 18X3.00 Inch (Front & Rear)
  • Shinko SR428 130/80-18 (Front & Rear)
  • Aftermarket Headlight
  • Aftermarket Stoplight
  • Exhaust Custom by SM DESIGN


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