XS650 DON - 9_1

Written by Donny Ariyanto & Galih Priambodo

Look tough and enable to ride through any terrain is what Don Sugeng wants to make his ideal motorcycle. Stock engine is the main consideration by Bro Don for his custom project. With a lot of information for this project, his choice for the machine goes to 1978 Yamaha XS650 engine, with superb and ready-to-use condition. Choosing XS650 engine is the way to enjoy the best performance engine-work from Yamaha Motor Company with 654 cc, 4 strokes inline, two cylinder and 4 valves configuration, this machine had 50bhp 36.4 kW @7200 rpm for maximum power. With this magnificent power, making this machine is the most chosen stock-engine by the other horse steel lover because it was suitable to any custom and any concept. The chosen concept by Bro Don was referred from Scrambler concept because make XS650 fit in to the main concept. After STUDIO MOTOR and Bro Don had discussed every parts that will be used, so we will begin to work on his concept.

XS650 DON - 6_1

The first thing to do is making a brand-new chassis that will be suitable to the concept, but when the rebuilding-engine process is occurred, one of my friend offering an intact chassis from Honda CB650. We noticed that chassis will be extremely fitted to this concept, in no time we are agreed to choose this chassis for the concept. “It’ll need a little change at the engine mounting at the chassis!” We said, so the main-engine will perfectly attached. It’ll make a wonderful appearance. At the forks we are prefer to be 41mm telescopic front end with the TK Japan 18X2. 50 inch wheels and combined with Dunlop K180 120/80-18 tire, which it has the best pattern for dual purpose motorcycle. Honda CB 650 swing-arms were beautifully mated with TK Japan 18X3.00 inch wheels plus Dunlop K180 130/80-18 tire at the rear. For the rear shock were using 360mm YSS Z-Series type. I’ll take you to the main body, here, We have a gas tank, fenders, and side cover to keep the battery and other cables feeling safe from the 1.2mm galvanize plate materials. It’s coloring time! Creamy brown with the red-stripped at the upside gas tank giving calm and ferocious impression. “See? Isn’t its cool right? Blending opposite color-traits” that was Bro Don said. The basic materials of color was chosen by Komet Studio, they were using base coat and finishing coat by Sikkens. Last part, all the proponent parts were installed, the handlebar was in style of fatbar was selected to giving a comfortable handling. Front and rear lights was in stylized from aftermarket was bring out a tidy appearance design. Using 2 in 2 configuration at the exhaust, was produced a “Jarring” sound.

XS650 DON - 4_1

“Trim-shaped, comfortably ride, and superior engine will produce an overwhelmingly motorcycle was exactly as I predict…”, Bro Don said when He was set eyes at his ideal motorcycle finished. “THE LOUDER” was the perfect name to this riding-machine, when the test ride session was be held, the fierceness of the engine still work when it was being accelerate. Few people were appreciated at this ‘old brew’ engine. ‘Have a nice ride Bro!’

XS650 DON - 7_1

XS650 DON - 10_1

XS650 DON - 5_1

XS650 DON - 3_1

XS650 DON - 11_1

XS650 DON - 13_1

XS650 DON - 8_1

XS650 DON - 12_1

XS650 DON - 1_1

Specification :

  • Body Custom by STUDIO MOTOR
  • Frame Honda CB650
  • Painting & Airbrush by KOMET Studio
  • Telescopic 41 mm Front Fork
  • TK Japan Rim 18X2.50 Inch (front) & 18X3.00 Inch (rear)
  • Dunlop Tire K180 120/80-18 (front) & 130/80-18 (rear)
  • YSS Z-Series 360 mm Rear Shock
  • Fatbar Handlebar
  • Headlight & Tailight Aftermarket
  • Exhaust Custom by STUDIO MOTOR




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