THE MINKA - 1-01

Written by Donny Ariyanto

In the custom motorcycle world, there is a tendency towards ‘feast or famine’ when it comes to trends. Sport Classic, Classic and now the rise of modern classic. Today’s feature bike is another take on this model, with the brief being that “the owner wanted the chubb taken off, but wanted it to visually remain a Modern Classic”.When our customer came to our workshop with his 1982 Yamaha XS650 Special and need to built with Cafe Racer style we know that Yamaha XS650 has been a hot favorite in the custom scene for decades and a personal favorite of us. While the XS is an undeniably good base for a custom build we have to admit at times we get tired of seeing the same design approach taken time and time again. And now we would like to introduce our new latest build, with a modern classic Cafe Racer and we called this bike “THE MINKA”.

THE MINKA - 9-01

Inspiration for the build came from the history of Yamaha’s XS650. There’s no denying that Yamaha took massive styling cues from Triumph’s Bonneville twins when building the XS, so just like the British Cafe. We began with modified an original sub frame raises the rider to sit level with the fuel tank. Clip-on bars and custom rear sets re-position the rider for a more aggressive riding position and 39 mm telescopic front end shock manage the change in rider weight placement. An original Enkei Rims 19X2.50 inch and 16X3.00 inch wrapped with Avon Tires 120/70-19 & 150/70-16. The fuel tank, rear cowl and side cover made from 1.2 mm galvanized plate. The whole package was painted by Komet Studio in the colors of black doff with a silver stripe and carbon look at the side. Using Spies Heckers paint products, the finish is a beautiful composite of bike and totally concept. The OEM panel controls mounted to the clip on include a “tiny” analog tachometer. Finally to add a bit of extra performance bite and plenty we created a custom set of headers feeding a beautifully simple muffler.

THE MINKA - 5-01

THE MINKA - 3-01

THE MINKA - 12-01

THE MINKA - 4-01

THE MINKA - 13-01

THE MINKA - 8-01

THE MINKA - 6-01

Specification :

  • Body Custom by STUDIO MOTOR
  • Painting & Airbrush by Komet Studio
  • Enkei Wheel 19X2.50 Inch & 16X3.00 Inch
  • Avon Tires 120/70-19 & 150/70-16
  • Aftermarket Headlight
  • Aftermarket Clip-On Handlebar
  • 360 mm YSS Z-Series Rear Shock
  • Custom Exhaust 2 in 2 by STUDIO MOTOR




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