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Written by Donny Ariyanto & Anjasmara

When first time STUDIO MOTOR wishes to expand its business by making a four-wheeled division called STUDIO MOTOR 4 Wheels, thought to have a car unit as the first project at the same time to gives for our learning about the inside and outside of custom four-wheel. Lucky, our friend, Bro Didiet, offering us his favorite car Chevrolet C10, or we more familiar with Chevy C10, from 1969 with good condition plus already exposed touch of style hot rod truck modification. Yup that’s right… Chevrolet C10, a variant of full-size pickup truck Chevrolet and GMC production made in mid 1960 -1999. Have a same platform with the K-Series with the spesific difference that the C-Series for two wheels drive models and K-Series for four wheels drive. Variant C / K has four generations of the whole year production, for C10 in this article is the 2nd generation variant that has a 6 cylinder inline engine configuration 250 Cu In 4 Speed Manual Transmission. For the class above some use a V6 engine configuration 305 and 351 Cu In Cu In and V8 307, 350 and 396 Cu In. Numbers 10 behind code C Series indicates that this truck entered in the category of grade 1/2 ton light trucks.

CHEVY C10 - 7_1

Enter Chevy C10 modification process begins with fixing and replacing some parts of the legs, the stage is the most important thing for ensure later of this great pickup can run smoothly without sounding weird noises when hang out driving on the streets of our beloved city Jakarta. Thanks God we’re lucky, when we get this car to be custom, the engine was barely need any improvement since the previous owners had to replace and restore the parts are rejected. So we don’t need to fix anything with the machine. The characteristic of damn low style gained through the techniques of body drop to lower the height of the body to be more “familiar” with black street. This technique is supported by cutting the rear of the chassis so that the rear suspension has enough tolerance for distance rebound. Of course, when cutting the chassis, we also add the iron “bridge” as a booster chassis area after the cutting process, or so we called C-Notch. Continue to the painting stages, we choose two tone color combination between Classic Lime Green and White, those two color are chosen to make the looks of the car more fresh and eye-catching. For the base coat itself, we decide to use auto bright product with a layer of varnish from Dupont finishing. The Rim that we use is from output American Racing Wheels 20X8.50 Inch combined with Toyo Proxes round rubber 255/35 ZR20 front and 275/35 ZR20 for rear. The interior looks younger with re-retrim process for the seat and door trim with Tein Brown color from Leatherluff. Control functions to monitor the speedometer, engine temperature , gas gauge and oil indicator, and also the battery charging functions is trusted to VDO gauge indicator.


CHEVY C10 - 6_1

When the this project is done,we tried to sent Chevy C10 to the Kustomfest 2014 on last October, oined in hot rod class, the look and the colors are quite inviting attention from the audience who fulfill the area of Jogja Expo Center when the event is being held. But unfortunately, a little accident happened to the car before enter to the Kustomfest 2014 area and causes letdown to the crew because we set up this car for Kustomfest 2014 event. But at least, we can show to the public our commitment to work on custom four wheels and can be part of it. A big thanks we say to our friend, Bro Didit (automedic), who trust us to continue the maintenance this car, also the insight and knowledge when we discuss the ins and outs of custom four-wheel. So…THE PRIMERO was born!.

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CHEVY C10 - 8_1

CHEVY C10 - 5_1

CHEVY C10 - 4_1

CHEVY C10 - 9_1

Specification :

  • Painting by STUDIO MOTOR
  • Interior Detail by Otoskin
  • American Racing Wheel 20X8.50 Inch
  • Toyo Proxes Tire 255/35 ZR20 & 275/35 ZR20
  • Indicator Gauge by VDO





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