Written by Donny Ariyanto & Aldi Firhand

Custom motorycle is a new thing for Verdika Griya Purnama, but when he tried to enjoy it directly settled on a stock-engine that isn’t usually done by a people who are new to this field. “I think, it doesn’t show its best if we use a small engine, we’d selected the best direct cylinder engine that has a big, so we can enjoy it any longer…”, so he said during a discussion to choose a machine that will be used in his first project. Thorough discussion on the concept of Bro Verdi desire, finally, we choose to build based from 2005 Harley Davidson Sportster XL1200R engine. Deliberately chosen because its easy-to-use material has become an absolute requirement for Bro Verdi.

Beginning of the process is focused on building the total framework to suit the desired concept by Bro Verdi, made by relying on 1 Inch seamless pipe material the framework design made by reference of Softail chassis style. Rake comsteer made at an angle of 30 degrees with consideration for steady handling. Finished the process of making framework, turn to do the settings on legs sector. 39mm telescopic front end shock is congenital of HD Sportster include installing original Sportster rims 19X2.50 inch to fill the front side. Round rubber selected 4.00-19 Firestone Deluxe Champion to pursue a classic look at this bike later. For the rear suspension we used HD Softail shock for reduce the suspension maximally. Just like the front, a set of original HD Sportster rim with 16X3.00 Inch dimensions combined with paired 5.00-16 Firestone Deluxe Champion as a requested from Bro Verdi. Continue on the body, used a 1.2 mm galvanized plate material parts of the tank and rear fender is made complete with a custom oil tank are made using the same material. After the process, turn to Komet Studio took part, by fusing the entire body with a solid black color and the combination of doff with a minimalist stripping gold color for give an elegant accent. The Material it self remains selected Sikkens brand for base coat and clear. the final of the whole process of working is to cram several supporting devices such as Accel raiser, Khrome Werkz handlebars, Performance Machine air filter and a custom exhaust 2 in 2 by Asky Muffler.

Completed throughout the process giving satisfaction to Bro Verdi, the process is done step by step and was able to realize what he wanted during this process. “Outstanding bro, we’ll just add a few devices that can make the display more incredible bro …” he said when he saw the final results of his first project and immediately tested this dream Ride. Naughty minimalist look with a touch of elegance vehicle named The Reckless is indeed able to make other people who happen to look at providing a positive appreciation. THE Reckless was born Mate!

Specification :

  • Frame Custom by STUDIO MOTOR
  • Body Custom by STUDIO MOTOR
  • Painting & Airbrush by Komet STUDIO
  • OEM HD Sportster Front End
  • OEM HD Sportster Rim 19X2.50 Inch (front) & 16X3.00 Inch (rear)
  • Firestone Deluxe Champion Tire 4.00-19 (front) & 5.00-16 (rear)
  • Handlebar by Khrome Werkz
  • Air Cleaner by Performance Machine
  • Aftermarket Headlight
  • FTW Tailight
  • Exhaust Custom by Asky Muffler




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