Written by Donny Ariyanto & Felicia Yulianti

The freedom of giving idea, concept as well as the thinking related to a bike is nearly without the border, unlimited. Nowadays, along with the growth of love and passion in Indonesia society towards a custom riding-machine then many of fresh-from-the oven ideas and concepts of custom bikes can be clearly seen. It is something that must be rightfully proud, that the custom scene in this state rises higher and much higher, becoming one of the extraordinary creative industry. What we see today becoming one of the factors for Thomas Mintorogo to feel the sensation and free to express the thought to his two-wheel machine.

This man who occupies in a car ATPM company in Indonesia, carried his 2006 XL1200 Sportster Harley Davidson to STUDIO MOTOR workshop to be modified as he wishes. “I’m thinking to mix this OldSkool concept to this machine and there will be on top of Pro Street, Bro. It has Cafe Racer style, but aint gonna be dominant.” Said Bro Thomas while telling his will. After the discussion and making the deal which components will be used later, then it was a start to do this oil burner process steps, which called as THE SHIFT 2 when it was done of process.


The first step was concentrated to make the new framework to pull Sportster XL1200 engine in, relied on seamless 1.25 and 1 inch pipe material chassis, formed into the hardtail one, suited his draft concept which brought by this two-wheel machine owner. At the front shock side, Harley Davidson telescopic 41 mm Softtail type implanted to give leisure while riding. DNA fatspoke velg with dimension of 19X3.00 inch and 16X4.50 inch was choosen, combined with Shinko SR777 120/70-19 and 150/80-16 tyres for front and aft. When the first step had been completed, the next step was proceeded to the body, the whole part of body was formed according to the concept. The tank was modified with Japanese style, a little bit, with the long back tail which represents Café Racer without too many aspects of showing up the rounded hornet model. After getting creative of forming the body, then we came to the painting & airbrush process. Komet Studio which is trusted to handle the process was pretty bold to combine firm strokes with realistic motives on the body. For the basic color, they was chose a gradation of chocolate and gold added with yellow, fairly nice to make the motor display become more fresh. At the end of the process, some supporting components was put in, K&N air filter, wide hand Khrome Werkz, hand control Billet Specialties and the exhaust gas channel a la scrambler style 2 in 2 from Rough Crafts Give the impression of a prominent to the final result of this Bro Thomas’s Sportster HD.

Every inch of result gives us many pleasures, the appearance of Pro Street Cafe, mixed by the form of hardtail chassis are able to get along together, creating sufficient harmony. When this Sportster HD joined Kustomfest Event, which was held in October 2014, thus oil burner gets rose-colored glasses, came from the visitors who looked at THE SHIFT 2. For Bro Thomas, this bike become one of the reflextion from himself to be able to be pleasant because of its personal touch.



  • Body Custom by STUDIO MOTOR
  • Custom Hardtail Frame  by STUDIO MOTOR
  • Painting & Airbrush by KOMET Studio
  • 41 mm Telescopic Front End ex. Harley Davidson Softail
  • DNA Fat Spoke Rim 19X3.00 Inch (front) & 16X4.50 Inch (rear)
  • Shinko Tire SR777 120/70-19 & 150/80-16
  • Khrome Werkz Handlebar
  • Hand Control by Billet Specialties
  • Air Cleaner by K&N
  • Exhaust 2 in 2 Black Ceramic by Rough Crafts




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