THE SHOUT - 8-01

Written by Donny Ariyanto

Art is a word thrown around in the presence of many a creative human endeavour. Which is all good and well if your area of interest is music, painting and the like. And that’s because those particular means of expression require you to start with nothing before you have something. But when it comes to custom motorcycles, this is all flipped on its head. Why? because most custom bike builds start with a factory-finished product that is subtracted from and tweaked until what’s left is deemed “finished”.  But not this bike. This bike has been hewn from raw materials the way an alchemist might create precious metals from base elements. This is the latest bike from us, built from 2006 Harley Davidson Sportster XL1200 crate engine.

THE SHOUT - 7-01

Almost every piece of the bike was made from scratch, from the front end to the rear frame, this bike started off as sheets,  pipes and metal. The goal was to make a bike for our customer exactly the way that he wanted it. And that meant making everything by ourself. For the first, we made a rolling chassis with hardtail model as a designed with boardtrack style, this frame made more lower and also give more space for wheelbase to accentuated the strong impression. We choose seamless Pipe 1.25” and 1” with 3.2 mm width for chassis material. In the front suspension, we made a classic strong girder front end and matched with TK Japan Rims 19 x 2.50 inch for front and 19 x 2.5o inch for rear to emphasize the slim boardtrack style. For the tires, we choose Metzeler Marathon 100/90-19 for front and rear. After we’ve done with chassis and suspension, and then we continued to make all body parts, with galvanize plate 1.2 mm for gas tank, oil tank and rear fender based on a concept. After the bodywork was done, Komet Studio made his move! We choose classic white from Sikkens. After painted was done decorated all body with a patina technique red and silver lines and put classic Harley Davidson font at the side tank by our nice partner, 69 Nerakatau. An engine we painted it a doff-black with powder-coating painting techniques. Completed the project, handmade handlebar was selected to provide ‘the enjoyment of riding’. Jute Classic headlights was attached at triple tree and custom exhaust 2 in 2 was made to drag up the classic theme with a strong sound.

THE SHOUT - 4-01

We love to built this bike and it’s refreshing to get away from the Harley Davidson now and then. From the initial concept to the first test ride, it’s the endlessly fascinating process of creating that keeps us going. The custom motorcycle scene is as unique as the bikes it yields, however we all share a common thread, a passion for two wheels.

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THE SHOUT - 12-01

THE SHOUT - 9-01

THE SHOUT - 3-01

THE SHOUT - 6-01

THE SHOUT - 11-01


THE SHOUT - 1-01

Specification :

  • Frame Custom by STUDIO MOTOR
  • Painting & Airbrush by KOMET Studio
  • Pinstripe by 69 Nerakatau
  • Custom Classic Girder Front End
  • TK Japan Rim 19X2.50 Inch + Metzeler Marathon 100/90-19 (Front & Rear)
  • Custom Mid Control
  • Jute Headlight
  • SMD Gas Cap
  • Custom Exhaust 2 in 2 by STUDIO MOTOR





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