SHADOW - 6-01

Written by Donny Ariyanto

The custom bike scene, like any other art form, often finds it self bending to the will of fashion. But there’s no shame in that – music, painting, dance and almost any other genre you care to name have to endure the same challenge. And while in the heat of the moment a certain trend can seem to the viewer to be very ‘cool’ or ‘exciting’, it’s often only a matter of time before the truth becomes apparent.  That’s when cool becomes lame, exciting becomes humorous and your wardrobe full of flared trousers becomes an embarrassment. But what happens when time doesn’t weary? When something improves with age? Well, that’s when timeless happens. Classic happens. This happen with our new latest ventures, built from 1991 Honda Shadow VT1100, started from the broken bike and now shown in modern classic cafe racer. Call it this bike THE SIMMER.

SHADOW - 3-01

We began by modifying the bikes sub frame to raise the rider to sit level with the fuel tank. Once we were happy with the seating position we added clip-on bars and custom rear sets to correctly position the rider. We added a set of 51 – 42 upside down forks to manage the change in rider weight distribution as paired them with upgraded rear shock absorbers. The TK Japan spoke rims (18 x 3.00 front and 18 x 3.50 rear) have been wrapped with 4.00-18 and 4.50-18 Firestone Deluxe Champion. The fuel tank, rear cowl and side cover hand formed from 1.2 mm galvanized plate. The whole package was painted by our partner at Komet Studio in a glitter candy blue and mixed with glitter  silver using Dupont paint products. Finally to add a bit of extra performance bite and plenty of bark, we created a custom set of headers feeding our own, beautifully unique muffler.

SHADOW - 7-01
We states that modify this bike with the purpose of earning our customers satisfaction and pride. We can safely assume, we have done that with this build. So….please welcome “THE SIMMER”.
SHADOW - 8-01
SHADOW - 6-02
SHADOW - 1-01
Specification :
  • Body Custom by STUDIO MOTOR
  • Painting & Airbrush by KOMET Studio
  • 51 – 42 Upside Down Front End
  • Clip On Handlebar
  • TK Japan Rims 18X3.00 & 18X3.50 Inch (Front & Rear)
  • Firestone Deluxe Champion 4.00-18 & 4.50-18 (Front & Rear)
  • Aftermarket Headlight
  • Aftermarket Stoplight
  • Exhaust Custom by STUDIO MOTOR





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