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In the space of less than a year in the late 1960’s two Japanese heavyweights released motorcycles that would go on to be hugely popular in the modern custom bike scene. First Yamaha with its XS-650 and then Honda with the CB-750. While the Honda is considered the first Superbike and was designed to seek and destroy its British rivals, the Yamaha was based on classic styling and an engine as Brit as Big Ben. Whereas the evolution of the CB range has progressed to the most modern of motorcycles, the XS650 remained true to its classic styling for its entire production run. We try to truly understands classic design and builds a mean Yamaha with this 1981 XS650. From scratch, skinny style like a boardtracker and welcome our new latest build.

Almost every piece of the bike was made from scratch, from the front to the rear frame, this bike started off as sheets,  pipes and aluminum plate. The goal was to make a bike based on our style. And that meant making everything by our self. For the first, we made a rolling chassis with hardtail model as a designed with boardtrack style, this frame made more lower and also give more short for wheelbase to accentuated the strong impression.

We choose seamless Pipe 1.25” and 1” with 3.2 mm width for chassis material. In the front suspension, we choose 41 mm telescopic shock and matched with TK Japan Rims 19 x 2.50 inch for front and 19 x 2.50 inch for rear to emphasize the slim boardtrack style. For the tires, we choose Shinko SR241 3.50-19 for front and rear. A unique rear suspension we made, using pro link system we put a monoshock from Kawasaki in front of double downtube frame.

After we’ve done with chassis and suspension, and then we continued to make all body parts, with 3.2 mm aluminum plate for gas tank, side battery box and rear fender based on a design. After the bodywork was done, our best friend 69 Nerakatau made his move! They choose dark silver from Sikkens and combined with dark brown. After painted was done decorated all body with a goldleaf and pinstripping technique. Touched an engine with vapor blasting and polishing to refresh it appearance. Completed the project, skinny fatbar handlebar was selected to provide ‘the enjoyment of riding’. Jute Classic headlights was attached at triple tree and custom exhaust 2 in 2 was made to drag up the classic theme with a strong sound.

We love to built this bike and it’s refreshing to get away from the XS650 now and then. From the initial concept to the first test ride, it’s the endlessly fascinating process of creating that keeps us going. The custom motorcycle scene is as unique as the bikes it yields, however we all share a common thread, a passion for two wheels.

Specification :

  • Frame Custom by STUDIO MOTOR
  • Body Custom by STUDIO MOTOR
  • Painting & Airbrush by 69 Nerakatau
  • 41 mm Telescopic Front End
  • TK Japan Rim 19X2.50 Inch + Shinko SR241 3.50-19 (Front & Rear)
  • Custom Mid Control
  • Jute Headlight
  • EMGO Handgrip
  • Custom Exhaust 2 in 2 by STUDIO MOTOR


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