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Written by Donny Ariyanto & Galih Priambodo

Wibowo’s desire is his son Arfan Radian Wibowo would love automotive just like him. This gentleman already have many 4-wheels and 2-wheels classes model collection. “This bike is for my son, I hope that he would loves and feels everything he had and I want to see my son’s ‘taste’ too ” Wibowo said when we are discussing about the concept. The first concept was made, Arfan Choose Yamaha Scorpio 225 ’07 to be modified just as he thought. Scorpio has ‘easy-to-modify’ traits, it was looked from the chassis, it has a strong stock-engine. What time is it? Yes, ‘Execution’ time!

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The ‘Fork’ is the first project we do, we’d change the original suspension with 41mm telescopic from Yamaha Byson. TK Japan 18X2.50 inch wheel combined with Firestone Deluxe Champion 4.00-18 tire, were choose to complete the first project. At the rear side, we’d choose 1.25” custom-seamless pipe 3.5mm and changing mono shock to be dual shock. TK Japan 18X3.00 inch rim was selected to be mated with 4.50X18 Firestone Deluxe Champion tire. “Well, from the beginning I was prefer to use that kind of wheels, to emphasize the ‘classic’ line…” Arfan said. Here comes the bodywork, Arfan wished to have a rounded-gas tank, with minimalist-concept that combined with strong-line at the both side. To grant his wish, we’d choose 1.2mm galvanile material plate to be the main body, fenders, and battery cover. KOMET STUDIO made his move! Using black and doff at the gas-tank and decorated with flag-design. Decal Old School was prettify the tank. Completing the last project, Fatbar Handbar by Scarlet was selected to provide ‘the enjoyment of riding’. The Lights was attached to the main shape. ‘Masterpiece-custom’ exhaust was selected to drag up the classic theme with a strong sound.

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The final process of Yamaha Scorpio’s project which happened on Arfan’s birthday gave its own pleasure for Wibowo and his beloved children. “It feels like a special gift, can’t wait to try to ride THE SMOKEY..” he told us as he got the final result from Yamaha Scorpio. The modest appereance doesn’t decrease its elegant and mischevious looks from this ride. Good appreciations were given by some people who came to visit the STUDIO MOTOR workshop by any chance.The result from the custom project also gave a possitive impact to Arfan. He could make his parents proud with an academic achievement which he just got. Start your engine Brother and ride like a Gentlemen!

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Specification :

  • Body Custom by STUDIO MOTOR
  • Painting & Airbrush by KOMET Studio
  • Telescopic 41 mm Front End
  • TK Japan Rim 18X2.50 (front) & 18X3.00 Inch (rear)
  • Firestone Deluxe Champion Tire 4.00-18 (front) & 4.50-18 (rear)
  • Scarlet Fatbar Handlebar
  • Aftermarket Headlight & Taillight
  • 360 mm YSS Z-Series Rear Shock
  • Exhaust Custom by STUDIO MOTOR




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  1. Mas Don, sama dengan pertanyaan teman2 pengunjung sebelumnya.
    berapa kira-kira budget untuk mofikikasi Motor Yamaha seperti ini dengan mode jok/tempat duduk seperti motor custom THE RASCAL – YAMAHA SCORPIO 225 ’06 .

    mohon di kirim ke email saya mas Don. Terimakasih

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