ER6 CR - 1-01

Written by Donny Ariyanto

“Simple but sweet” is one way to sum up our portfolio of custom motorcycles. To think that recreating this look would be an easy task though would be a huge mistake. Balanced lines, simplified engineering and appealing neutral color schemes require a set of skills you don’t often find in the one place. At Jakarta based workshop, We don’t seem to have any shortage of talent as each bike they complete looks just as good as the last and this 2013 Kawasaki ER6N is no exception.Transforming an uninspiring Kawasaki engine 2 cylinder inline 650 cc water cooled into a Cafe Racer concept was our latest project and as you can plainly see, we’ve nailed it.

ER6 CR - 4-01

The first step was the removal of the factory plastics, bodywork and not so cool, or classic windshield. To replace the original bodywork handcrafted a new tank out of 1.2mm steel. Its unique shape was designed to hug the flowing lines of the stock frame perfectly. Finished in metallic, metal grey with black lines it’s more suited to the bike than the factory tank ever was and features a signature style Studio Motor engraved fuel cap. The only modification to the frame came in the form of a new sub frame. The loop includes a hornet tail which supports a Cafe Racer style, which was also designed and built in house at the Studio Motor workshop. Original ER6N swing arm was replaced with Kawasaki GPZ750 alloy arm and changed the monoshock suspension using 360 mm classic double shock. For a more retro look the stock exhaust was replaced with a custom 2-into-1 stainless steel header and underslung, vintage style reverse megaphone muffler. The original rims was removed then changed with TK Japan rims 18X3.00 & 18X5.00 inch treated to a set Metzeler MR77 130/70-18 & 200/55-18 for front and rear. The stock bars replaced by NUI Project clip on handlebar. Custom made fenders and a retro headlight/tail light combo were then all that was left to complete ‘THE TROOPS’.

ER6 CR - 6-01

With the build finished, there is only one thing left to do, and it is best summed up by us: “Let’s do the ton, brother!”

ER6 CR - 7-01

ER6 CR - 8-01

ER6 CR - 3-01

ER6 CR - 10-01

ER6 CR - 9-01

Specification :

  • Body Custom by STUDIO MOTOR
  • Painting & Airbrush by KOMET Studio
  • TK Japan Rims 18X3.00 & 18X5.00 Inch
  • Metzeler MR77 Tires 130/70-18 & 200/55-18
  • NUI Project Clip On Handlebar
  • Aftermarket Headlight & Stoplight
  • 360 mm Classic Rear Shock
  • Exhaust Custom 2 in 1 by STUDIO MOTOR




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