CBR250 - 4B

Written by Donny Ariyanto

For two-wheeled Rakesh Kapoor is one of love for many decades, even as a child his parents are introduced and instill to the man who has 11 years of living in Indonesia is about two-wheeled world. Even so until now when Mr. Rakesh settled in Jakarta love of two wheels do not fade, especially with traffic conditions in Jakarta accompanied by a flurry of men who worked at one of the group’s property even makes choosing a motor as a daily ride option. Arguably as users and lovers of two wheels is not just Mr. Rakesh let riding perform standard. Coming to the workshops STUDIO MOTOR with a Honda CBR250R alerts in 2013, Mr. Rakesh want a vehicle made with Scrambler style that became his dream. “Comfortable Riding position is needed to penetrate the congestion in Jakarta …”, he said during a discussion on the bike change later. Of course, the original form of the motor is produced at Honda Factory Thailand with model number MC41 brings sporty style with a 249.5 cc engine configuration (15.23 cu in) four-stroke single cylinder 4 valves PGM-FI will be changed completely after this custom project.

CBR250 - 2B

Early work focused hand down all parts of the body and legs of innate motor and install the sector further with new legs were already prepared. An original front end swap places with Upside Down XZ6 Kawasaki parts, combined with the rim spoke wheel wrapped 18X3.00 Inch with 4.00-18 Firestone Deluxe Champion tire. While the rear own original swing arm Honda CBR250R is maintained, only adopts a suspension that had been turned into a double shock using YSS shock 360 mm Z-Series. Rear wheel itself nudged TK Japan 18X3.50 Inch wheels with round rubber Firestone Deluxe Champion 4.50-18. Finished work the legs up to the cultivation of the body. Relying 1.2 mm galvanized plate material around the part of the body is formed as desired concept of Mr. Rakesh. Slightly many forms Triumph Scrambler inspired him to apply to the bike this time. Anticipate the shape of the frame congenital Honda CBR250R, the entire subframe cut and reshaped by using seamless pipes of 23 mm with a thickness of 3.5 mm. Stages of replacing the entire subframe is intended to provide a harmonious look and be able to display the classic impression that thick. When choosing colors that will whitewash the new body to his motorcycle, Mr. Rakesh directly thrusting classic colors Red Burgundy with Khaki Brown combined for his dedication to the father who never had a variant of the BMW R25 motorcycle with these colors. “The highest dedication to my Dad for custom work we do Bro …”, he said, the process was interrupted when he saw this custom. For paint and varnish materials Komet Studio still choose output Sikkens to get maximum results. Ultimate support multiple devices installed during the process of finishing. Headlights 7 inch belongs Suzuki Thunder 250 chosen for the sake of showing muscular impression when viewed from the front. Scarlet handlebar output, daytona air filter and exhaust system custom made 2 silincer left and right are increasingly adding frightening impression on the motor, dubbed THE URBAN TRACKER

CBR250 - 8B

Completed a whole part of workmanship really make the original form of the Honda CBR250R changed completely. Scrambler typical classic retro look with modern elements in some parts bandage supporter and also forms the engine delivers its own harmony formed the motor end of Mr. Rakesh this. When the session is done several times a test ride another motorcyclist who see giving a positive appreciation of the changes Honda CBR250R is. So also with the owner of the motor, excited with the results of this bike make it a custom to prepare a new project to change the look of a month Kawasaki ER6N already owned by him.

CBR250 - 5B

CBR250 - 1B

CBR250 - 6B

CBR250 - 3B

CBR250 - 10B

CBR250 - 7B

Specification :

  • Body Custom by STUDIO MOTOR
  • Painting & Airbrush by KOMET Studio
  • Upside Down Front End ex. Kawasaki ZX6
  • TK Japan Rim 18X3.00 (front) & 18X3.50 Inch (rear)
  • Firestone Deluxe Champion Tire 4.00-18 (front) & 4.50-18(rear)
  • Custom Hub Wheel by STUDIO MOTOR
  • Scarlet Handlebar
  • Suzuki Thunder 250 Front Headlight
  • 360 mm YSS Z-Series Rear Shock
  • TK Japan Chain & Gear
  • Exhaust Custom by STUDIO MOTOR




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